Regional Competitions

The teams with the top three scores at each regional competition will be presented trophies for first, second and third place. Three additional awards will be given for:

Best Technical Presentation, awarded to the team with the highest score earned for the     technical presentation.

Best in Show, awarded to the team that has the most aesthetically pleasing robot. The definition of “aesthetically pleasing” is subjective; therefore, teams are encouraged to personalize their robot. Teams are not required to use LEGO® components for decorating the robot, however, the robot should be fully functional with or without the decorations. No part of the decorations may shield the sensors to enhance technical capabilities. Only LEGO® parts/components may be used around the sensors.

Best Engineering Design, awarded to the team with the best use of creative design in the form and function of the robot.

National Competition

The top two teams from each region will be invited to compete at the national competition. A stipend will be provided to the teams to help cover travel and hotel expenses. This will be a fixed amount, based on the distance traveled. Travel stipend amounts may vary from year to year depending upon funding. Teams will be responsible for any expenses beyond this stipend.

Winners of the national competition will receive prize money as well as trophies. Prize amounts are based on the number of sponsors and will be posted on the Mini‐Urban Challenge website when they are determined.

Trophies will be presented to the top three teams at each Regional Competition. In addition, the top two teams placing at the Regional Level will be invited to compete at the National Competition in May, 2015.

Regional teams that qualify to participate in the National Competition will receive a grant to assist with travel expenses based on distance to the competition location.

Monetary awards will be presented to the top three teams at the National Competition.