2016 Washington D.C. Regional Competition

Date and Location
April 9, 2016
Northwestern High School
Hyattsville, Maryland
First Place: Krop Frontal Robotomy
Second Place: Fairfax Collision Free
Third Place: Walkersville WPD
Best in Show: Walkersville Kewl Kats
Best Technical Presentation: Krop Frontal Robotomy
Best Engineering Design: Wootton How to Robot

Participating Teams (In order of finish)
Krop Frontal Robotomy
Fairfax Collision Free
Walkersville WPD
Walkersville Kewl Kats
Wootton How to Robot
Wootton PolyPath Robotics
Long Reach Rayliks
Annandale Team Atom
Centennial CHS Robotics
Montgomery Blair Chartreuse Cupcake
Montgomery Blair WAFFLE BOT
Montgomery RM Swagbots
Montgomery Robot aRMy