2014 California Regional Competition

Congratulations to our Winners!

First Place: Sun Valley HS:  Team #2
Second Place: Sun Valley HS: Team #1
Third Place: Woodbridge HS:  Warriors
Best Presentation: Sun Valley HS: Team #1
Best in Show: Sun Valley HS: Team #2

Date: March 1, 2014

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Click here for the schedule.

Dorsey High School
3537 Farmdale Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Regional Chair:
Name: Mary Simpson
Email: mary.simpson@doolittleinstitute.org

Participating Teams:

  1. Cerritos High School: CH+
  2. Dorsey High School:  Jr Engineers
  3. Fairfax High School: Robolions
  4. Fairfax High School: LionRobos
  5. La Puente High School:  W.E.
  6. Los Altos High School: LAAE 1
  7. Los Altos High School: LAAE 2
  8. Los Angeles Magnet:  DROID
  9. Los Angeles Magnet:  Titans
  10. Providence High School:  A of P
  11. Providence High School:  Team Nein
  12. Sun Valley High School: Sun Valley Team #1
  13. Sun Valley High School: Sun Valley Team #2
  14. Woodbridge High School: Warriors
  15. West High School: WHS 1
  16. Verdugo Hills High School:  Verdugo Bots